Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prayer Request

This is the Gallion family.Howard is my 1st cousin and pictured with him is his sweet wife Nicole and their two precious boys Haden and Keaton.

Howard is in the Airforce and is currently deployed to Iraq. Nicole is alone with the boys in London where they were stationed in February.

For the past 2+ years Horward and Nicole have struggled to conceive baby #3. Imagine their delight when, days before Horward was deployed, they found out that they were expecting!

However, what they weren't expecting was that Nicole would go for her Dr.'s appointment to discover that not only were they going to have a third child, but also a forth, AND a fifth, AND a sixth all at one time! Yes, they are expecting Quads!

All of their family lives in Texas.

Can you imagine being alone in a foreign country while your husband is in Iraq and taking care of two kids all while pregnant with Quads???

This is where your prayers come in!!

Here is how you can pray:

*pray that the paperwork goes through for a reassignment to Texas very quickly. Nicole really needs to get back as early in the pregnancy as possible.

*pray for Howard's continued safety in Iraq

*pray for the 4 precious babies to continue growing

*pray for Nicole's strength and sanity as she cares for her two boys and takes care of herself so that the babies get just what they need.

*pray for Haden and Keaton as they prepare to move once again and for the transition that will come with the arrival of the new babies.

This is just the short list!! I will try to keep everyone updated on the "Quad Squad" as time passes. Thank you in advance for your prayers!


Michelle said...

I found you on Kim's blog "The Simple Life of the Stars. "Do I know you from FBCUC or were you yonger than I? I graduated in 1995, my brother Kevin in 1997, and sister Deanna in 1999.

Now about your post...
Oh.My.Goodness. I cannot imagine any of her scenario...alone in London...hubby deployed...pregnant with 4 KIDS ALL AT THE SAME TIME. AHHHHHHHH! I will pray for her and her boys and the precious babies. Thanks for letting us know!

Stacy said...

Will be praying - keep us posted on this family.