Friday, October 9, 2009

Karter is 2!!

Yesterday our sweet little Karty turned 2 years old! To be honest it seems like it has been longer than that...Nathan and I can't decide if that is because Karter is, well, a little challenging, or if it is the fact that we had another baby so quickly so Karter just didn't seem like a baby anymore.:)
Like all of our children, Karter will always hold a special place in our hearts. Karter is our long awaited one, our faith baby, our miracle boy.

After having Kaden so easily we took having a healthy baby for granted. When got pregnant the second time I never once thought of anything going wrong. Sure, I prayed that we would have a healthy baby, but not one time did I pray that our baby would live. So, when we lost baby Konner in October of 2005 we were in complete shock to say the least. Two miscarriages followed the loss of baby Konner and things were starting to look hopeless.

That is were faith came in big time. I will never forget the morning that I saw "pregnant" on that test. It was a Sunday morning and Nathan was already at church. I took the test on a whim not really expecting anything. I remember just peaking over the test afraid for another let down of "not pregnant" and afraid for what might lay ahead if it said "pregnant". Sure enough it said "pregnant"! I was shaking as I picked up the test and then I remember falling to knees at the side of our bed and begging God to protect this baby and to let him live. I wrote Nathan a "surprise you're going to be a Daddy!" note and gave it to him at church. Despite our many losses he was so excited when he opened the note. He came and said "are you serious?" with the biggest smile.
We kept the pregnancy a secret for a while not wanting to put anyone else through the emotional roller coaster, until we realized that this little baby needed prayers and as many of them as he could get. Our family, friends, and our wonderful church family at Martin's Mill prayed constantly for little Karter.

I was afraid to move most of my pregnancy until I came across Psalm 112:7 "He will have NO fear of bad news, because his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord." I knew this didn't mean that there would never be any bad news but instead that if there was I could trust HIM to take me through it. I said the verse in my heart on the way to EVERY Dr. visit (there was 1 every week, sometimes 2!).

And finally on October 8, 2007 Karter Daniel Lorick made his appearance! By this time we had been called to First Baptist Malakoff so he had another whole church praying for him. He had a few bumps and had to stay in the special care nursery for a day but he was here!

I have said many times that Karter is a living testimony of the power of prayer. As challenging as his red-headed personality may be at times, we are SO thankful for God's answered prayers and for the life of our sweet Karty boy.

Prayer makes a difference!

Here is a look at Karter turning 2....

Karter's Cake...yes next time I will leave the decorating to my cake friend Julie! Ha!

Playing with Friends outside

Trying to bust the pinata...Nathan ended up having to break it...who do they make those things for...Major league baseball players?

We had Karter's favorite...hog dogs! Or "yaut yaugs" as he calls them.

Couldn't wait to dig into the cake!

Finally a bike...that is all he has wanted since he saw Kaitlyn's a couple weeks ago!(He decided to take his shirt off...Karter will be Karter :)

He was so excited I had to take him for a stroll in the dark!

More presents!
Our family of 5! Yes, I know Kolson's hair looks a little RED but it is just the light!:)


Kati Ann's Mom said...

What a precious God story and such a precious boy as God's reminder of His faithfulness.

Keri said...

I sooo get this. The not so sure of wanting it to be a + or the big let down. I think I kept some testing companies in business for a couple of years. And then telling only a handful of people till I was about 5 months.

I think after losing Landon, my need for God grew stronger. Even after the following miscarriages, and times of wanting to 'give up' on another baby, I knew He was there the whole way.

I am so glad Karter and Rance get to be buddies. Us too! :)