Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And God Sent a Baby

Last week while reading a devotional from "Living by the Book" my heart was really touched. The passage I read was from Exodus and it talked about the birth of Moses. The writer of the devotional mentioned that often times when God wants to do something big he sends a baby. This got my mind going and I began thinking about all of those special babies mentioned in the bible.
There's Issac and the miracle of his birth to two people who were well beyond the "baby years"...He lived on to fulfill God's phophecy to Abraham that he would in fact be the father of many nations. And what about baby Samuel...the answer to Hannah's faithful prayers. And there is baby John born to Zechariah and Elizabeth who were once again well beyond those baby years. John went on to prepare the way for the most special baby who was ever born. God could have picked any other way to send Jesus...I am sure there were other ways that would have been much more glorious, but still he chose to send our savior as a tiny baby and the things God has done and the lessons we have learned from this precious baby are too many to even begin to count. God has defiantly used babies in a big way.
Since my mind was already on a roll, I started thinking about the things God has taught me through the babies he has allowed me to carry. I noticed a running theme...God does big things through these precious little ones.

Pregnancy #1- Kaden taught a lesson about God being our provision. While I was pregnant I was in a car accident and put on bed rest. At that point I was our main source of income as well as the insurance provider. We were young and totally scared about how we were going to get through it. God showed up big time and provided in ways we never dreamed...I even ended up being able to stay home with Kaden after he was born!

Pregnancy #2- Konner was anything but normal. What I learned from loosing him is probably the biggest lesson God has taught me thus far in my life. I learned that God is faithful even in the valleys. I learned the truth of "you give and take away...but Lord, blessed be your name." I learned the value of christian friends who are there to hold you up when you cannot stand anymore. I learned the sweetness of just sitting at his feet and letting him quite me with his love.

Pregnancies #3&4- they were short and to be honest devastating after losing Konner, but God still moved and used this time to minister to me and to teach me the power and sweetness that comes through worshipping him through the hard times. I learned that he is my hiding place, the shade at my right hand, and that no matter what he would not let my foot slip. I learned what a blessing having children is and that healthy babies aren't just born everyday.

Pregnancy #5- Karter! We learned a huge lesson about the power of prayer and that God is truly the ultimate healer and physician. Karter had more people praying for him than I could even count...I always say that he is a living testimony of the power of prayer.

Pregnancy #6- K3 (he is still nameless at this point). Wow, he is teaching me a lot about God's sovereignty and trusting in God's timing. Every time I am nervous about the thought of two little ones under the age of 2 I am reminded first of the blessing a baby is but also that God has promised to equip the called.

And God continues to use these precious children to teach me big lessons about who He is and his grace. I am so thankful for each and every one of them and I am looking forward to seeing how God will use them in the future.

So... what have your babies taught you?:)


Speak Out Athens said...

Great post Jenna...babies do open your eyes in so many ways!

I still love the name Kale..hint hint

Speak Out Athens said...

by the way this is Andi I am just signed in on our work blog

julie said...

Jenna I love reading your posts. God always speaks through your words. I read a quote one time that said "To have a child is to have your heart go walking around outside of your body" I think that is so true.
Bailey has taught me how faithful our God is and that He has a plan for us in everything.
Chaney has taught me unconditional love is bigger than I even thought, and that laughter is so important!

Jennifer said...

those words are so refreshing and you couldn't have said it any better. Even after the most trying times with little ones and the insane moments that take over a baby is such a miracle. thank you, Lord for using Jenna to speak truth so plainly to me right now!

Flo said...

"K3"....tee hee. Made me giggle. Your babies are a beautiful story.

Kimberpeas said...

God's presence in your life and that of all your babies is so apparent and wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story and God's message to you with the world. It is so touching and uplifting!