Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letters, Letters, Letters

For any of you out there with preschoolers who are less than enthusiastic about learning their letters, I have found a great new video. Last week my good friend Jan shared this video with me.

Kaden has not been too interested in letters, much less their sounds. After watching this video a few times he was naming letters and their sounds. Needless to say, I am a proud Mama!:)

What is this miracle video you ask???

Leap Frog's "Letter Factory"

This is only a thirty minute video but it packed with a fun plot and a great letter sound song.

A great pick for any preschooler!


Keri said...

Do they have one for numbers? Sounds like it really works. I could play that in my truck around town and Rance wouldn't have much choice but to watch it.

Keri said...

By the way, cute background.

Flo said...

Love the new design! We need to get together soon!

Andi said...

Love your new page design...very cute!