Friday, March 7, 2008

Girls Night!!!

After a very long week the girls from the THAT class got together for a much needed girls night. The night was full of laughter and chatter and of course good food!
There is just nothing like getting a bunch of girls in a room together and letting them chat. I was so excited to learn that we really aren't that different. I am not the only one that replays my entire day in my head before I fall asleep each night. I am also not the only one who suffers from strange dreams where I sit up wondering where things are. But more then all of that is just so nice to know that there are other women who struggle and have bad days and that we can be there to encourage one another and lift each other up in the Lord.
I was hit by something on my way home (as I was replaying the night in my head:). I shared with the group how I had struggled with doubting my salvation at times. I listed all the "important" things I have done for the Lord; singing, growing up in church, being married to a pastor. I mean come on how could I have this struggle. But on the way home the Lord just reminded me that all of that has nothing to do with my salvation and that I cannot cling to those things. I am saved because of His grace not because I am married to a pastor, or because I sing at church or anything else. I believe in him and I trust him and he is gracious enough to rescue me! I love little moments like that when it's as if God just taps you on the shoulder and puts you back in check. Thank you Lord!
Blessings to all of the girls in the THAT class! Thank you for being real and for always being an encouragement to me.

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Flo said...

We thank you for coming in & inspiring us in so many ways....really. It wasn't until your family came to our church that everything seem to fit - the last piece of the puzzle had been found! So your presence in our church & lives have meant more than you'll know! Have a great weekend!