Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movin on up!

Dear Karter,

Near the end of May we had the privilege of going to your pre-k graduation (yes, I know it is July and I am just now writing about it)!  Watching you was one of my favorite memories of all time.  You lit up the room sweet Karter.  You came in smiling big for the camera and constantly looking at us to make sure we were still watching.  You were so proud and so excited about your accomplishment.  We were equally proud!  You had the most wonderful year in pre-k.  To be honest, after experiencing your terrible 2's, and well let's be really honest, your 3's, and even some of your 4's, I was expecting to get a note sent home at least once a week.:)  I totally under estimated you Karter!  You have a hunger to learn and you love the affirmation that comes when you work hard and do your best.  Your sweet face was beaming at your graduation and for good worked hard and you are so ready for kindergarten!!

You were so blessed to have Mrs. Hillary and Mrs. Nicole as your teachers!  They made learning so fun!
 We loved seeing how proud you were of your diploma!  You couldn't wait to show it to us!

Kolson was pretty excited too...he will be in pre-k next year!

After your graduation daddy took you to get ice cream!  You told him that that you wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up.  He asked you about being a missionary (which is what you usually say).  Your response to him was funny and truly challenging.  You said, "daddy don't you know I am already a missionary, we ALL are"!  You are wise beyond your years Karty boy and you have a heart for Jesus like no other 5 year old I have ever met.  We know and believe that God has great plans for you!  You are such a joy to us and we are so thankful that God chose to place you in our family!

Movin' on up to Kindergarten... Eagle Ridge Elementary get ready!!!

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