Monday, May 20, 2013

Dream Girl

Several years ago I read this book...

It was fun, practical, and most of all inspiring.  I still keep it by my bed for a refresher now and then!  I am blessed to have won the heart of the man of my dreams and while I know that I have also won his heart I always want to make sure I am doing all that I can to grow our marriage.

One of the topics the author talks about is Creating Commonalities.  She says that your hubby wants to "laugh with you, play with you, and enjoy your company."  While us girls think it is important for our hubbys to do things with us that we enjoy, studies show it is even higher on the male wish list.

Nathan is so good to me...he has watched at least 1,000 chic flicks (he totally loves them), gone to tons of "foody" restaurants with me, and spent countless hours out shopping by my side.

A few weeks it go it was my turn to join him in something that he loves!

After 11 years of marriage I finally donned some camo and hit the hunting lease with my man!  While I will admit that waking up at 5 am to sit in a tent and look for Turkeys in the freezing cold is not my typical idea of was a great chance to sit by man and watch him take in something he loves so much!  We had some of the best conversations on the way to and from the lease and I actually have to admit that I enjoyed the evening hunts...this girl is NOT a morning person!  We laughed and joked and even if it is not the newest hobby to top my list I loved knowing that I was getting to be a part of what he loves.
Next time I want my own camo!!  Although wearing Nathan's camo kept me pretty warm!

Kaden was able to come with us and had the best time hunting with some seasoned hunters from Malakoff.

It was a great weekend full of fun memories! I am so thankful for my mom who was willing to keep my other kiddos!  I can honestly say...I am looking forward to deer season...this girl may just get her a buck! :)

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