Sunday, February 26, 2012

Preparing for a princess...

While we are still not sure when we will get "the call", (you know the one telling us exactly who and how old our little girl is) we are at #2 so I think that means it is time to start prettying up a room for our sweet girl! Here is a look at my favorite inspiring pictures so far!

I love all things ruffles and I think these curtains with some cute ribbon ties like the ones in the second picture would be too cute!
I also brought home a beautiful elephant painting from Uganda for her room so I would love to add a few more here and there!
I LOVE the room with all of the fun signs on the wall and all the bright colors'. I would love to have lots of hot pink, light pink, and that bright blue in her room! There is already a queen size bed in there that will need to stay for when we have visitors...I would love an old door headboard in that bright blue color!
Oh the possibilities!!!


Janelle said...

After 3 boys - that little girl is going to be so much fun!! I love your pics and cannot wait!!

Kathryn said...

Love it all! Let's get busy!! :)