Monday, May 11, 2009

Play Ball!

This is Kaden's first year to play what we call "big boy" T-ball. Last year he got introduced to the sport, but this year it is the real deal. Kaden is playing on the Yankee's and he is so cute in his dark blue uniform. He was so excited about the hat and the belt and really everything that went with the uniform (last year they just had t-shirts).
Here are some pictures from his first game. We are two games into the season and so far the Yankee's are undefeated!!
Getting Ready!
Kaden and Coach
Waiting to bat (I love the pictures from behind with their little names on the back)

Keeping Karty busy

Little brothers watching the big brothers play

Kaden's first hit of the season

The Three Amigos...Kaden, River, and Austin


Jennifer said...

priceless pictures! You have a beautiful family.

Adventures With Kati Ann said...

so adorable! what great memories you guys are making!

Flo said...

Oh how cute are those! I love the first and the'll have to keep that last one b/c as they grow older and stay friend, it'll be neat to see their "roots" way back when! : ) My boyfriend is cute, cute...

JMass said...

Love it! :)

julie said...

I love it! What great memories! And I also wanted to tell you that I love the name Kash! Nathan said you have narrowed to 3... I think Kash is so cute and so different! Love it. And love you guys!