Monday, April 6, 2009

A Heart Not So Divided...or Is It?

I wrote a post at the beginning of this school year about my heart being divided. Divided because I would be leaving my own kiddos while heading out to teach other people's kiddos. Next year God has blessed and I will have the opportunity to once again stay home with my little guys. While this is exciting and a dream come true, I never thought this would be a hard decision...that it would be something that I would struggle with... but here I am a heart divided once again.
I work at the most amazing school. I have had countless opportunities to share scriptures with my students this year. I work with a wonderful team of christian ladies and I have a boss who really loves the Lord and has a heart for each child in the matter how difficult they are!:) What I really have here is a ministry, not just a job. I guess that is what has made the decision so difficult.
After MUCH prayer, Lots of tears, and just searching for God's wisdom, I made my final decision public of June 5th I am officially a SAHM (stay at home mom).
I can see lots of coupon cutting, art projects, fort building, t-ball playing, and TONS of diapers in my near future. This is a bitter sweet day for me as one ministry door closes and another one opens! I would covet your prayers as we step into this new season of life!



Keri said...

Woohoo, another playmate! OK, Rance has someone to play with too.

Your "boys" will thank you for it. What a great time you all are going to have.

Flo said...

I'm very excited for you. Wishing I could do the same thing, but somehow, I just know that I'm not done with teaching yet. EISD was blessed to have you for 1 1/2 years - you touched so many kids lives in that short amount of time! You won't even think twice about your decision come next Fall with that baby....!

Jennifer said...

that is great that you get to stay at home...I think a sahm is a ministry too.