Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little Wii and a new hair cut

This weekend the girls from FBC Malakoff got together for a much needed girls night out. Instead of going out decided that a girls night in would be the perfect time to get in a little boxing, Wii style. After all, if you can't look like a total dork with your girlfriends then when can you be your real self?
After some great food, there is always food involved when we have a girls night, the boxing began...

Kourtney and Julie hashing it out...Kourtney was the 5 time champ...she said it was all in the legwarmers!

Even a very pregnant Flo got in the action!

To add to our exciting weekend, Kaden got a new hair cut! This was exciting, however, this hair cut was not one that we planned.
This morning I decided that I would spike Kaden's hair since we were going to see some old friends for dinner. He wasn't fond of the idea...but hey, I don't have a little girl with bows so the least he could let me do it spike his hair. After some coaxing I was finally able to get the hair spiked.
We went about the rest of our day like normal until we were about to leave for Tyler. A friend of mine asked if something was wrong with Kaden's hair. When I looked I just thought his spikes had fallen down. Upon closer inspection I realized something was very wrong...his spikes didn't fall down...they were GONE!
He told us later that he didn't like his spikes so he cut them off! It was one of those try not to laugh while you discipline your child moments.
Here are some pictures...what do you think, does he have a future as a barber?


Andi said...

Those are times you will never forget...I will have to share some pics of Colby's eyebrows..haha! At least you could make it look better by cutting it all over...the eyebrows have to grow back...boys will be boys! Gotta love them!

Flo said...

OK...if that kick didn't get Sophie comin' then I'm guessing I'll be waiting until Tuesday! We had fun, didn't we?

The story this morning was priceless! You've got one there that KNOWS what he does and does not want, momma! : )

Keri said...

Thank goodness for clippers. I would die if Rance cut his hair.