Friday, November 7, 2008

Better Late than Never

So I know it is a little late, but here are some shots from this years family fall festival. The boys had a blast and by the end of the night we were all completely worn out. Thank goodness Halloween fell on a weekend this year! I will have a much better plan of action for next year!:)

Family Picture

Kaden was a Ninja Turtle

Our little cave man (Bam-bam)

Kaden's favorite game was bowling!

Karter and Daddy

I can't express how blessed I feel as I look at these pictures. God is so good in spite of the person that I am. He has blessed me with a husband that loves the Lord, me, and our boys with all of his heart. I have two of the cutest little boys ever. Not to mention the fact that we have the opportunity to serve on staff at such an amazing church. This may be a crazy, busy life, but it is my life and I know I am blessed. Thank you Jesus...your love is amazing!

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Adventures With Kati Ann said...

You sound like Jon & Kate on Jon & Kate plus 8..."it may be a crazy life but its our life" You can appreciate the craziness when you realize its your craziness!