Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tag! 7 Unusual about me!

1. I really love cheese and peanut butter together! I know it sounds gross but when I was little and my mom would make lunch for me she would put apples with peanut butter and ham with cheese on my plate. I guess I just got confused about what to eat with what and I have loved cheese dipped in peanut butter ever since!

2. Unlike Flo I am a terrible dancer. I always thought it would be so fun to be a country singer but I would be totally lost during one of those long instrumental solos. I really have no rhythm.

3. I love workout videos!! It started with TeaBo in college and has just grown from there. I even love to watch infomercials about new workout videos. I would be doing great if I could just make myself get up at 5 to do them every morning. To be honest they all have a layer of dust on them.

4. I was born in another country. My dad was in the military and was assigned to the Azores, Portugal just a few months before I was born. I can't imagine how hard it must of been for my mom to have her first baby 6,000 miles away from anyone she knew. Not to mention that they did not have phones so she couldn't even talk to anyone she knew. What a trooper! For some reason I was always embarrassed of this fact when I was in Elementary school. I was always secretly wishing that I was born in Dallas, or Nashville, or just any place normal.

5. I love, love, love food! I think about it way more then I should. When I go out of town I plan my whole trip around where I want to eat. I actually get in a bad mood when I have eat something that I don't like. I love food way too much to have one favorite thing.

6. I was in love with my husband long before he was willing to admit that he was in love with me! About the time that I finally let go and agreed with the Lord that it was ok if we were just friends, Nathan decided to declare his love for me. We began dating and shortly after that I dumped him because I just felt like it must not be what God wanted because it was so much what I wanted. ( I have a serious problem with doubting God and myself) I finally came back to my senses and the rest is history. It will be 6 years in March!

7. I secretly dream of being super mom...you know 4 kids in a minivan (actually my dream car is a suburban) driving from soccer practice to ballet (hopefully one day we will have a little girl)! The thought of being room mother thrills me. My mom was a great super mom and I would love nothing more than to be just like her. She was always so involved in our lives and I remember loving it when she came to my class.

Wow! That was hard!

1. Kourtney
2. Kyla

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JMass said...

That was funny about your #3! I also did TaeBo in college and then moved on to The Firm and now I'm on Power 90....it's pretty fun!